Pim?s Poffertjes & Pannekoekhuis, is a fun, tasty and affordable place for people of all ages. It's the perfect spot for delicieus pancakes, poffertjes (Dutch baby pancakes), crêpes and other dishes.premium quality pancakes logo

Our chocolat is real Belgium chocolat. We also offer sugar-free, vegan, gluten- or lactose-free options.
Please order in advance.
(see Pim's Specialties).

Our outdoor terrace, open in the summer, can accomodate approximately 20 people. But whether you're indoors or out, the atmosphere is always fun. Inside there is a maximum for groups of 12 people.

We also offer gift voucher starting at € 5,-.

Bookings can only be made via phone, so call us on 078-631 27 09.
(please don't leave a voicemail).


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We accept Visa Mastercard and American Express.

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